Pulmonology care in our center is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. Through spirometry, allergy testing and other diagnostic procedures, MediDerm provides expert care to patients with the goal of preserving lung health. The pulmonology clinic is under the leadership of Prof. Kornelije Miša, Ph.D

Based on a specialist examination, spirometry, allergological testing and laboratory tests, a personalized treatment plan is developed that relieves patients of symptoms of respiratory and allergic diseases and increases the quality of life.

Spirometry is a diagnostic procedure that measures the volume and speed of air entering and exiting the lungs. This test provides important information about the function of the respiratory system, allowing the identification of disorders such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other lung conditions. Our precise spirometric analysis helps to establish an accurate diagnosis and allows monitoring of progress during treatment.

The Ventolin test, also known as the bronchoconstriction test, is used to assess airway reactivity. The patient is inhaled a bronchoconstrictor agent, such as methacholine, and then the change in lung function is measured using spirometry. This test helps in diagnosing bronchial hyperreactivity and other respiratory problems, providing important information for the treatment of respiratory systems.

Prick testing is a fast and precise method that is used to identify inhalant allergens to which the patient may react. Small drops of the allergen are applied to the skin and then gently pricked with a thin needle. Skin reactions, such as redness or swelling, indicate the presence of an allergic reaction. This simple but effective procedure helps to diagnose allergic diseases, which is crucial for successful symptom management.