Internal medicine


In our clinic, a special infirmary is dedicated to internal medicine, a branch of medicine that deals with problems and diseases of internal organs. The physician specialist internist during the examination will take the patient’s medical history (detailed information about previous illnesses and reasons for arrival).

A detailed clinical examination will determine the general condition of the patient and after the interview and examination, the physician will decide on further necessary examinations or test.

Our clinic has a general internist infirmary, gastroenterology infirmary, immunologic infirmary, cardiologic infirmary, pulmonologist’s and allergologyst’s infirmary, and endocrinological infirmary, where we treat thyroid issues, diabetes, and other conditions caused by glands with internal lining.


Modern lifestyle has been marked by the great influence of negative factors, which increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

By getting rid of bad habits, exercising regularly and having regular cardiological examinations, we can reduce the chance of unwanted cardiovascular events and directly prolong life.

We recommend a specialist cardiologist examination and diagnostic overview of the heart, veins, and arteries of the heart, legs and neck (Color Doppler), especially if you are submissive to some of the following risk factors:

  • smoking cigarettes
  • reduced physical activity
  • obesity
  • stress exposure
  • diabetes
  • history of cardiac deaths in the family
  • increased blood fat
  • high blood pressure
  • professional athletes.

Color Doppler is an ultrasound, painless and non-invasive examination that determines the structure and function of the condition of the heart, vein, leg arteries, carotid, and vertebral blood vessels. It determines plaque existence in arteries and veins, blood flow quality, and estimates the risk of stroke, heart attack, and venous thrombosis.


Croatia is the country with the highest incidence of thyroid cancer in the world. Between 10 and 100 thousand people have it diagnosed per year. We are also experiencing a growing number of people who have body weight problems, feel fatigue, increased heartbeat, excessive sweating, or skin problems caused by thyroid!

In the MediDerm clinic, laboratory tests of thyroid and antibody hormones are performed, complete with ultrasound diagnostics and cytological puncture.

Along with normal laboratory tests of thyroid hormones, further treatment is required due to the presence of chronic thromboembolism (Hashimoto thyroiditis) or nodules leading to malignancy or development of malignant disease.

Top experts of various specialties who perform specialist examinations are part of our team. We will also gladly give you an „other opinion“, along with our medical expertise, complete diagnostic documentation, and implement and recommend the most up-to-date therapeutic approach.


Along with clinical examinations of specialists, we perform allergy testing on food, inhaler allergens, epicutaneous testing of chemical and contact allergens, Ventolin test, spirometry, and bronchoscopy.

Contemporary methods are used in the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (KOBP) with corrective breathing exercises.


An exceptional number of dermatological diseases is associated with gastroenterological and endocrinological diseases.

In our clinic, we offer a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic options for diabetes, obesity, hormonal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders with internal and external excretion, PCO, menopause, thyroid disorders, gastritis (Helycobacter pylori), chronic pain, arthritis, excessive sweating, hair loss, acne, and hyperpigmentation.


In order to improve the quality of life, to ease all of our cardiological, endocrinological and immunological treatmants, as well as to fight obesity, we propose a personal nutrition plan that fits your needs.