The cardiology team of our clinic is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. With the use of the latest cardiology equipment, we provide comprehensive examinations, EKG, Holter pressure, Holter EKG, ultrasound and rapid laboratory diagnostics (troponin, D dimers, pro BNP, coagulation factors), ensuring patients optimal heart and blood vessel health.

Our cardiology clinic is under the leadership of Prof. Darija Baković Kramarić, Ph.D. and Nikola Crnčević, Ph.D., specialist in cardiology closely specialized in the field of invasive cardiology

Our clinic provides specialist cardiology examinations as an initial step in preserving heart health. These examinations include a thorough analysis of the patient's medical history, physical examination, ECG and ultrasound of the heart, and the introduction of optimal pharmacological therapy.

Ultrasound of the heart (UZV) and color Doppler of blood vessels represent diagnostic methods that enable a detailed presentation of the heart's structure and function, as well as blood flow through blood vessels. We use these techniques to evaluate cardiac abnormalities, detect potential problems, and provide a basis for further treatment.

Holter blood pressure is a procedure for monitoring blood pressure during 24 hours, providing continuous data on pressure fluctuations in daily activities. Our team uses Holter blood pressure to identify blood pressure variations, determine the presence of hypertension or monitor effectiveness of therapy, providing patients with detailed insight and monitoring of blood pressure.

Holter ECG is a diagnostic procedure that enables continuous monitoring electrical activity of the heart during 24 hours. A Holter ECG is used to identify rhythm irregularities, detect arrhythmias, or evaluate the effectiveness of antiarrhythmic therapy. This procedure provides detailed insight into the electrical function of the heart, helping to make a precise diagnosis.