5 anti-age advice by dr. med. Mia Šušak Crnčević

5 anti-age advice by dr. med. Mia Šušak Crnčević

As our largest and very visible organ, our skin demands and deserves all the care we can give to it. Besides taking care of our health, we all desire to look youthfull for as long as possible. Our dermatology and venerology resident, dr. med. Mia Šušak Crnčević, gave us a few tips on how to keep our skin looking fresh and young.

Use appropriate sunblock for your skin type

Sun rays play a major role in the process of accelerated aging, the development of different forms of skin cancer, and hyperpigmentation. In our polyclinic, we use a whole set of minimally invasive techniques and methods to remove sun damage. There is an entire spectrum of medical peeling treatments by which we remove hyperpigmentation in just one treatment.

Take care of your skin on time

It is never too early to start with minimally invasive treatments including microspheres, treatments using stem cells, and surface skin peels. Prevention is, like always, the best answer to aging. The sooner you start caring for your skin, the easier it will be to keep looking youthful.

Take care of your skin regularly

Once a month, make sure your skin gets all it needs for its true glow. For these purposes, we recommend Red Carpet Peel by dr. Obagi, used by many celebrities. After this treatment the skin is healthier, fresher and the patients are more satisfied with its appearance. It instantly makes the skin look healthier and cleaner, without causing redness or peeling of the skin.

Take care of your skin properly

Treating your skin with the wrong treatments, too aggressively or insufficiently, can lead to making your skin problems even worse than they were at the beginning. Choose the right care for your skin, step by step. Consult with our doctors, find out what your skin type is, what are the critical zones and what treatments are best for you.

Regenerate your skin when needed

Work on your skin with regenerative methods. Dermal fillers, such as Ellanse, are ideal for stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. Its gradual and long-lasting effects give you a natural and youthful look, which can last up to 4 years. The effects are visible after just one treatment!