Interview with the director of the polyclinic, Dr. med. Sandom Perić-Sušak

In addition to performing all the regular duties of the director of the polyclinic, Dr. med. Perić-Šušak is available to patients every day as a specialist in dermatovenerology and a subspecialist in aesthetic and corrective dermatology. Many years of experience have brought her knowledge and skills, which is why many patients entrust themselves to her professional and responsible hands with confidence.

What are the main areas of expertise of the MediDerm Polyclinic?

The main areas of expertise of the MeidiDerm Polyclinic are dermatovenerology and anti-aging medicine, which we have been dealing with for almost 20 years. We have assembled a great team of experts who successfully guide patients through aesthetic and vascular surgery, immunology, endocrinology, allergology, orthopedics and sports traumatology, and in this way enable patients a multidisciplinary approach to their own health care.

Which anti-aging treatments would you highlight and why?

I would emphasize non-surgical facelift Silhouette soft suspension threads, which enable painless and non-invasive face lifting. Then there is the PLEXR +, the newest device on the market for blepharoplasty, which significantly shortens recovery time after the procedure. We also use the latest generation of Ellanse dermal fillers, which provide a longer-lasting result compared to standard hyaluronic fillers.

What are the advantages of non-surgical face lifting and who is it intended for?

Non-surgical face lifting it allows patients a painless treatment, without a long recovery, which is unfortunately necessary after classic surgical facelift. The treatment is intended for both women and men of all age groups, who want to improve skin tone and achieve a fresh facial appearance.

Why is the vein sclerosing procedure with foam one of the best solutions for problems with varicose veins?

It is a simple and quick procedure that does not require general anesthesia and the patient can return to his daily duties immediately after the operation. There are no scars after the procedure and it is just as successful as classic vein surgery, when dealing with minor vein damage.

Stem cells are used in many ways. What are they used for in the MediDerm polyclinic?

Our polyclinic has been successfully treating patients with stem cells for many years. We use them in anti-aging treatments to improve skin tone, remove wrinkles around the eyes and lips, and remove scars. Patients with androgenetic alopecia and increased hair loss can also solve their problems with the help of their own stem cells. We are also proud of the large number of athletes that our team of orthopedists and sports medicine practitioners prepares for important competitions. Stem cells are often used for non-surgical treatment of muscle, tendon, cartilage and joint injuries.

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