Reaction tretman

Reaction tretman

Reaction Treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment face and body shaping, skin lifting, and skin tightening, approved by the FDA – the most rigorous agency for testing and quality of medical products and devices.

Great results

Our clinic has the opportunity to offer its clients this extraordinary treatment, that has been proven to be the best non-surgical lipolytic at Mayo Clinical Research Center, reducing localized fat tissue up to 10 cm.

The results were also exceptional in the skin tightening program, as well as stretch marks treatment due to the special CORE technology and penetration of radiofrequency waves in fat tissue, dermis, as well as fibroblast stimulation and significant production and induction of new collagen, which is actually the essence of regenerative medicine in the program of rejuvenation.

For this extraordinary program that has been present for two years in the world of aesthetic medicine for the purpose of innovative anti-cellulite program and reduction of localized fat tissue, as well as non-muscular lymphedema, wrinkle removal, stretching, breast lifting, butt and removal of hairpin, book an appointment with aesthetic medicine practitioner for determining your individual program.

Brazilian butt lifts

It is the most popular treatment around the world that forms the buttocks, removes the excess of localized fat tissue, strengthens the relaxed and mild skin while achieving a perfect aesthetic appearance.

The Mediderm clinic uses the VIORA medical device, which is completely painless and pleasant. The procedure lasts for 40 minutes and is considered a form of “lunch treatment”.

Body contouring

Body shaping treatment, using a vacuum probe with radio waves, results in lipolysis (a reduction of 3-5 cm) of the body part that the patient wants to change. The treatment is pleasant, painless and lasts for 45 minutes.

“MAMMA MAKEOVER” is a form of body shaping after delivery, including between 1 and 8 treatments.

Concurrent effects of treatment: mild transient redness of the skin and minimal bruising.

Contraindications: skin diseases of the treated region, clots of the same area, metal implants in the body, pacemaker, vein thrombosis, application of anticoagulant therapy, immunological diseases.

FACE CONTOURING – lower jaw excess skin removal, facial contour modeling.

SKIN TIGHTENING – removing excess skin from the lower jaw area and tightening of relaxed skin of the neck and other body parts.

– Treatment of loose skin in the area of lips and chin

– “Straightening” the wrinkles around your lips, eyes, and foreheads

Lifting the lids and removing dark circles under the eyes

Number of treatments: 1-8

Interval: 1 treatment every 2-3 weeks

Duration of treatment: 20 minutes

Skin tightening is a medical, non-surgical treatment that penetrates into the middle layer of the skin (dermis), stimulates the fibroblast and induces new collagen. It has the result of non-surgical facial lipotherapy. Sking tightening is applied only in licensed medical institutions with educated staff.

Anti-cellulite treatment