Paris - Aesthetic Anti Aging Congress

Paris - Aesthetic Anti Aging Congress

The innovation of dermal fillers with resilient hyaluronic acid-RHA was introduced at the Congress. Besides filling the entire face and neck wrinkles, this technology has the effect of limping, tightening the skin and forming facial irregularities.

It presents a new era of dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid in aestetichs and anti-aging medicine.

TEOXAN TEOSYAL RHA 1, RHA 2, RHA 3, RHA 4 – dermal fillers with innovative resilient hyaluronic acid with the effect of skin lustration.

TEOSYAL FIRST LINE- filler intended for younger people and treating the first wrinkles of thin skin around the eyes, forehead, neck, and mild eye drops.

TEOSYAL GLOBAL ACTION has the greatest application for deeper and shallower wrinkles in the area around the lips and the chin area.

TEOSYAL KISS is used for correction of lips and perioral regions.

TEOSYAL REDENSITY filler contains anti-oxidants with hyaluronic acid and is applied to the surface. It promotes regeneration and supplementation of thick filers. Appropriate for application in the neck, neckline, hand, and pods.

TEOSYAL DEEP LINES applies to the nasolabial region and deeper wrinkles.

TEOSYAL ULTIMATE – Hyaluronic Acid filler with the highest density for filling the cheeks and other facial features, extremely durable (18 months and longer).