AFI+™ treatment - a revolution in skin regeneration by Cell Culture at MediDerm Clinic

AFI+™ treatment - a revolution in skin regeneration by Cell Culture at MediDerm Clinic
MediDerm Clinic is active for over 20 years and boasting almost over 40,000 successful procedures. This anti-aging clinic for dermatology and aesthetic medicine is set on preventing premature ageing as well as various diseases by applying a modern diagnostic and therapeutic approach.
As of recently, the clinic provides its clients with the most effective skin rejuvenation treatment available today – AFI+™.
Autologous Fibroblast Injection method – a revolution in skin regeneration
The innovative AFI+™, which stands for Autologous Fibroblast Injection method, is now accessible at MediDerm Clinic and provided by the clinic’s collaboration with Cell Culture Lab.

This state-of-the-art procedure reverses the process of facial skin ageing via the injection of own fibroblasts with the aim of replacing the ones lost over time. Fibroblasts play an essential role in the maintenance of skin elasticity and hydration while also synthesising collagen to ensure skin firmness.

The method has already proven to be more effective than standard aesthetic procedures as a single injection shows effects that can last for years.

Autologous Fibroblast Injection is also highly recommended by many dermatologists for its personalised nature.

The highly effective Autologous Fibroblast Injection (AFI+™) method is still a hardly accessible procedure, and while it is available in clinics around Asia as well as the USA, Split is the only location in Europe where this clinically approved treatment has already been adopted.

With the aim of moving the skin industry’s focus towards health rather than aesthetics, Dr. Francois-Xavier Pellay, Ph.D., a specialist in the field of ageing and regeneration, has co-founded Cell Culture Lab.

How its done?

The first stage of the process consists of a 3mm biopsy. A small fragment of skin containing healthy cells is selected. The chosen cells most frequently belong to the hidden area behind the earlobes where the skin is well vascularized, but biologically younger than one’s own facial skin cells, as this skin area does not endure frequent sun exposure and therefore is not susceptible to photo-ageing.

The very biopsy is a completely painless procedure performed under local anaesthesia, while a potential small bruise heals within a couple of days. Following this process, the patients are free to continue their daily activities and can safely enter pools, wellness areas, and engage in walks.

At this stage, the sampled tissues collected during the biopsy are sent to Cell Culture Lab in Split, where the cells are cultivated for a month. When the rejuvenating fibroblasts have been multiplied and are ready to be injected into the patient’s skin, the laboratory will send a written confirmation specifying the number and quality of obtained cells.

At this point the actual treatment session can take place. The cultivated fibroblasts can be used immediately, by injection into the areas of the skin that require treatment. Otherwise there is also the possibility of cryopreservation for a later injection.

When ready to start the treatment, patients are invited to select the time and date when this third stage of the procedure can take place.

During this process, the cultivated cells are injected into the skin areas that have been previously selected by the patient and specialist as in need of rejuvenation due to present wrinkles or other skin imperfections, such as scarred tissues or acne scars.

The implementation of the cells is performed with a 6mm micro-needle and is completely painless. Following the application of fibroblasts the patients are advised not to be exposed to sunlight and avoid flying within the same day of the procedure, as to reduce the risk of infection and allow the skin to rest.

Another advantage of the AFI+™ treatment is that its results last for years. Following this procedure, its successful outcomes will be visible even after 5 years! The lasting effects of AFI+™ are therefore substantially longer than what is usually achieved with hyaluron fillers, which last around 1 year, or botox, the results of which wear off after 3 to 4 months.

Over the weeks following the treatment, the first results will gradually become apparent and will keep on improving over the following months, while after 3 to 6 months the outcome will be completely visible. The treated areas of the skin will achieve freshness, elasticity, the fading of treated wrinkles and an overall healthier and younger appearance.

What should also be kept in mind is that should one want to repeat the procedure after a number of years, there will no longer be need for another biopsy as the cells for cultivation have already been retrieved during the first treatment.

It is important to highlight that initial consultations with specialists at MediDerm should be kept realistic. Patients will be informed on what one can realistically expect from the procedure and explanations will be given on what can be achieved.